Back in the Bay

After 5 months abroad, I was excited to come back

I've officially made it back to the San Francisco Bay Area and it almost feels like I never even left. As I  wave to all the familiar faces I see on my walks to class, I can't help but smile. I couldn't be more excited to be back with some of my closest friends on campus and eating at some of my favorite restaurants once again.

I'm also excited to be back in my computer science classes - this time I'm learning a little bit more about web programming, as well as algorithm theory and analysis. On top of that, I've been researching summer internship opportunities in hopes of finding a software engineering position at a company that has an overarching mission to use their technology skills to help society.


Last week I actually had the opportunity to meet with a woman who works at Palantir. She is originally from Minnesota, worked and lived in Cape Town for 4 months, and has now found herself living and working in the bay area - sounds similar to me, huh? Anyway, she gave me a tour of the company and explained a little bit more about what Palantir does - which made me really think about what kind of company I want to work for in the future. Similar to Palantir's mission, I want to use technology purposefully and carefully in order to help others.

Written by

Aleisha Nelson

Dec. 15, 2015