Hack For Humanity

Santa Clara University's Hack for Humanity

Hack For Humanity (noun): a hackathon hosted by Santa Clara University where students are encouraged to put their talent and technology skills to use for social good.

This past weekend I participated in my very first hackathon! It was exciting, exhausting, and I learned a lot. In fact, I'm amazed at myself because I arrived at 10am on Saturday knowing little to nothing about Android app dev and I left Sunday morning with a roughly finished product that actually works on an Android phone! It was so cool seeing my team's and my code come to life. We also enjoyed envisioning how it could actually be put to use in the future.

We created an app that we call TinTex, a name which actually has nothing to do with what the app is for.The idea for the app was inspired by one of the sponsors of the hackathon, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara. Essentially our app is built with the purpose of helping refugees find free or low-cost events (such as career prep workshops, job training, language classes, computer classes, and food and clothing drives) in their area in order to ease their integration into society. In the future, we would like the app to have a search filter that would sort out events being held in nearby locations in case of transportation limitation.

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Written by

Aleisha Nelson

Mar. 1, 2016