My Software Engineering Intern Project @WalmartLabs Summer 2016

Personalized geo-notifications for mobile users

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of working at Walmart Global eCommerce as a Software Engineering Intern.  I worked as a member of the Mobile Android team and implemented personalized geo-notifications for mobile users in order to leverage Walmart's physical and digital presence. With these notifications, Walmart will be able to increase profit by directing users to nearby stores and by showcasing targeted recommendations for in-store items.

Screenshot_2016-08-02-11-11-31 copy

However, what might have been the most exciting part for me was being one of the first four developers on the project...and the fact that it wasn't even in production yet. This motivated me to create something really great, something that would catch the SVP's eye at the end of the summer and make him want to pilot it. And that's exactly what happened; I presented my project to the manager on my team and the SVP of Engineering and they gave me the green light. So hopefully you can expect to see these push notifications on your own phone sometime in the near future!

I made a demo video of my project using the example of cart abandonment and how geo-notifications will promote users to purchase abandoned items in a nearby store. Check it out below or go to this link for better quality!

<<< Click here for demo video >>>

Written by

Aleisha Nelson

Aug. 18, 2016